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Testimonials from our Tribe

THE BEST! When I first started at Tribe I thought I was someone who was in shape. I was totally proven wrong. The Tribe is somewhere you come when you want to physically challenge and push yourself. After a couple years of coming I’m in the best shape of my life. Joining the Tribe doesn’t just mean joining a gym, it means joining a family. Tiz and Laz are so friendly, warm and encouraging. They push you to be the best that you can be. The members become your friends. The Tribe becomes your Tribe.

Natalie Fossian, age 37

Since being a member at the tribe for almost 2 years now my body has strengthened and has changed in the best way. This is not your normal gym Tiz is very hands on and you feel like you have your own personal trainer in every class. Tribe is not only a gym it’s a community that I’m very honored to be a part of.

Sylvia Sleiman, age 32Store Manager, Windsor Beauty Supply

I have been a member at Tribe Gym for 3 years now and it has by far the been the best experience ever. I’ve been working out since age 18 and have held various gym memberships in Essex county and none compare to Tribe. Tiz is so dedicated, disciplined and caring of her members. She creates a different workout each day that targets different muscle groups and I never leave her gym feeling unchallenged. She truly cares about her members and has zero ego as well as being an amazing motivator! Tribe Gym is a part of my life I am truly grateful for it. Keep up the great work Tiz!!!

Shawnessy Vanderheide, age 49Recovery Room Nurse

If you are serious about achieving your fitness goals, Tribe is your best bet for results. Tiz is a true leader in the HIIT/functional training world, you will be hard pressed to find a trainer that has her mix of knowledge and motivation. What is even more impressive, she leads by example day in and day out, as she participates and run's many of the classes herself. Nothing motivates the troops more to press on when the general is on the front lines battling! 40 minutes 3 to 4 days a week with Tiz will transform your body and your sense of well-being.

Sean Lenehan, age 48Vice President, TD Wealth

After having a baby I really struggled to get back in shape. Within weeks of working out with Tiz my body started transforming. You can feel the care she has towards each and every one of her members - I’m so glad I found this gym - it was a life changer for me.

Dawn Cairns, age 38Registered Nurse (and busy mom of 2)

If I could sum up my fitness journey at the Tribe in 3 words it would be “Exceeds My Expectations”.

After being a member of the larger chain gyms, feeling defeated and not achieving the promised goals, I found the Tribe. Since I have been a member of the Tribe not only have I achieved my goals, I have exceeded them. The results I have achieved are a result of Tiz’s exceptional knowledge of training methods that are creative, challenging and deliver results. I have never felt stronger or healthier.

Tiz’s passion for fitness shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to each class. The Tribe has been nothing short of a warm, friendly, welcoming and supportive environment. My only regret is that I didn’t find the Tribe sooner!

Jackie Tourangeau, age 54Nurse

The people, the vibe. Everything is just awesome!!!

Tara Faulkner, age 41Automation Technician

Unlike other fitness facilities Tribe Gym offers a sense of family. Tiz is an amazing trainer. She provides workouts that she pours her heart and soul into. I never find myself saying I don't want to go workout, I look forward to my workouts! You will obtain more than the goals you set out to achieve at Tribe!

Ashley Dale

I have been working out at tribe for over a year! It is a unique little gem in our community to get the balance of health and fitness. Tribe is a place where community and health come together. It’s my little getaway from a very busy life. Tiz the trainer pushes you past your limits and truly cares about each and everyone of her clients. I’m so blessed to call this place my tribe ❤️

Nancy George

I tried many gyms and exercise platforms over the years but The Tribe Gym is the only one that stuck. It’s been almost 2 years and I am attending the gym 5-6 times per week. Tiz is a phenomenal trainer keeping us all engaged and on our toes. Her workouts are hard but fun at the same time and the results are guaranteed. I would recommend The Tribe to anyone wanting to make exercise part of their life style.

Beata Pecko, age 46Dentist

To my favourite people I have to thank you for opening such an amazing gym! It’s been a Godsend for me to be a part of a gym with such great energy with great workouts and people! You’ve created a safe place for people to come grow and gather. I’ve been working out for a long time and Tiz kicks my ass! She creates such unique and challenging workouts, love them! I always look forward to my workouts! Love you guys!

Jackie, age 44Medical Device Sales

The vibe of The Tribe Gym is hard to put into words! It’s something you have to experience for yourself to truly appreciate! It’s warm welcoming and supportive!

Tiz is such a great example of what a trainer should be! Her workouts are killer and her approach is the perfect balance of pushing you yet holding you accountable! She is genuinely invested in the well being of her members, considers us family and promotes a commitment to wellness! I have so much love for this place! ❤️

Tamara Beliciu, 42 years

Owners Tiz and Laz Sofikitis provide a friendly, inclusive environment, with high intensity workouts, by trainer Tiz, that are geared to all ages and fitness levels. Over the past 2 years, I have completely transformed and toned my 63-year-old body, by following the holistic exercise classes at the Tribe Gym. Tiz is professional, experienced, knowledgeable and supportive. The clientele is friendly and encouraging to new members, making you feel a part of the Tribe Family. If you are looking for a structured exercise class that allows flexibility to your fitness level, the Tribe Gym is the right stop!

I highly recommend the Tribe Gym! I’m in the best shape of my life! Thanks Tiz!

Gayle Dale, age 63Retired Professor

The Tribe Gym is way more than just a gym, it’s a lifestyle. It has made me feel empowered, confident and happy. Tribe has not only given me the tools and strategies to keep my body and mind healthy, it has given me a place to connect with others in a positive way. When I’m at Tribe I’m at home.

Tiz, the owner and trainer, is inspiring. She leads a healthy lifestyle and inspires us to do the same. She takes care of each member making sure that we are being safe and reaching our fullest potential. Her workouts are challenging, balanced, upbeat and fresh. She also customizes and modifies workouts to suit your needs. People of any age, size or gender will benefit from this gym.

I continue to recommend Tribe to anyone looking to shake things up, be inspired and get their butt kicked!

Your vibe attracts your TRIBE!

Nicole TymecTeacher, mother, strong ass woman

I have been a Tribe member since 2017 and I have to say, that I have never met a trainer like Tiz! I always loved working out but had never heard of HIIT training so when I heard about the Tribe gym I had to give it a try. By the third day I was hooked and signed up to become a member!

The Tribe gym is a place where no matter what level of fitness you are at, Tiz makes you feel comfortable and confident and guides you every step of the way. Tiz has to be one of the most passionate, inspirational and motivational trainers I have ever met! Her vast knowledge of how the body can be transformed through her method of HIIT training is incredible! Her classes are both grueling and exhilarating at the same time! It is truly addicting for me!

I feel that I am in the best shape of my life because of Tiz! She motivates and inspires me every day in her gym to become stronger and better, and for that I am truly grateful! I am a Triber for life!

Rosanna Papa, age 56Retired

Tribe gym is bottom line just a fun place to workout. Best value for all levels of fitness with a great atmosphere where you’ll never do the same workout twice. Quick and intense that can fit into any schedule!

It’s always been a part of my offseason training helping me get ready for the season. 💪

Dalton Prout, age 30NHL Professional Athlete

I’ve known Tiz for quite some time now. We even worked together as trainers years ago. I am 39 years old and work for the post office as a mailman. I just started up at Tribe gym and I have to say I am very impressed with everything as a whole. From the workouts, to the cleanliness and friendly environment (usually before the workouts start haha!) this is a great gym to be at. I’ve really found it has helped with my flexibility and cardio and strength! Great job Tiz! Love you guys but hate you for those 40 minutes!

Dean Batal, age 39

From first stepping foot into the Tribe I have felt welcomed by Tiz and the tribe members. It was very easy to become comfortable and feel a part of the Tribe family! Tiz is nothing short than an inspiration! Her dedication to us members and her sweat worthy workouts is what keeps me motivated to stay committed.

Deb LaMantia, age 52

Tribe gym is not just a gym but rather a community, a brand and a lifestyle. Not long ago I was an intimidated beginner and have tried and failed at many gyms, until I walked into Tribe. Tiz is an incredible coach and her classes are like no other both mentally and physically. (EXTREMELY affordable too!) On my rest days, I actually miss being at class, and with going 5x a week for several months now, I’ve yet to do the same workout twice. Quick 35 minute HIIT style workout class with weight, but do not be fooled, you are in for a serious butt kicking! Since attending Tribe I am not only seeing the difference but feeling it. I am sleeping SO much better, have more energy, and totally kicked my morning anxiety from my high stress job. Doctors should start prescribing this class!

With the global pandemic, I also have to comment on how incredibly clean, social distanced and organized Tiz’s gym is. (Even so prior to Covid 19!). I also love, love, love that we have the option to open the big garage doors and have an indoor-outdoor workout vibe. The turf outside is a great alternative to indoor workout space should you choose.

Tiz is very passionate about what she does and I’m thankful to have crossed paths with her, she has seriously changed my life for the better more than I could have ever expected.

Christina Delmedico, age 28CIBC Branch Manager

Tiz and the Tribe provide a welcoming, non-judgement space that ignites a spark that will fuel anyone at any level of fitness to want to feel better!

Going to the Tribe has become a treasured experience that I give myself to feel and do better. Thanks to Tiz and the Tribe for challenging me in more ways than just fitness.

The Tribe will welcome you, support you, challenge you and motivate you!

April Pawluk, age 45Owner of LeadWell Training & Coaching

Tiz makes working out enjoyable! Amazing facility, top equipment and great environment. Good service with friendly staff and super clean and comfortable gym for everyone from beginners to professional athletes to train at. Highly recommended.

Ben Puzzuoli

I’m a newbie to the Tribe family and Tiz has made me feel like I’ve been here from the start! This workout is completely out of my element and all very new to me, yet I look forward to going to class every day and pushing myself. All the girls are so welcoming and helpful, Tiz is the best trainer ever and her husband Laz is the sweetest! The workouts are short and “sweet” lol and you will feel it the next day. It’s just the beginning for me and I can already say I would recommend Tribe to everyone! Thanks so much Tiz!

Connie Kantarjian, age 35

My name is Magda Piznal-Wood. I’m a full-time chiropractor, wife and mom of two, which means very little time for myself! Tribe allows me to get an intense, full body workout daily in just half an hour. It’s been my sanctuary and saving grace. Thank you Tiz for being an incredible, knowledgeable leader, trainer and friend.

Thanks guys. Love being part of the tribe.

Magda Piznal-Wood

Can’t say enough good about The Tribe Gym. Super clean and large area to workout with top of the line equipment. Tiz is simply amazing! Very accommodating, friendly, knowledgeable and personable. Non-judgmental gym with all shapes and sizes. Tiz will personalize moves throughout the workouts depending on your needs and limitations. You will leave feeling incredible after each workout! Her hubby Laz is super friendly and helpful too!

Tammy Gayowsky, 48 years youngSales

Tiz’s workouts keep me interested, focused and on top of my fitness goals. She’s always challenging us to do better and work harder. The energy she gives off sets the whole tone for the Tribe Gym...I’m hooked!

Monique Hayes, age 37Registered Nurse

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